(meaning Prana Energy Self Healing) is a compilation of Yogic, Spiritual and Energy Healing methods that have been used in India for thousands of years. The practice empowers all with simple and effective tools that may be used for achieving calmness and balance in all situations. The methodology is free of any religious, demographic or organisational association. Anyone can opt for initiation attunement by filling a web form and using publicly available resources for practicing the wellness methodology.

Level 1 of the method if free for everyone. Learning and Practices Resources are available on YouTube and this web page. Currently the content is available in Hindi. English Content Coming up soon.

Prana Shakti Atma Upchaar

Squadron Leader Ashutosh Bahuguna

Founder, Prana Shakti Atma Upchaar


Morning Prayers and Pranayam

प्रातः प्रार्थना 

Prayers For Food , Drinks, Medicines

आहार प्रार्थना 

 Light Exercise

हल्के व्यायाम 

Self Healing with Meditation

for 21 days after Attunement

ध्यान से स्वयं उपचार
शक्तिपात के २१ दिन बाद

Morning Prayers and Pranayam Version 2

प्रातः प्रार्थना : दूसरा स्वरूप

Good Night Prayers

रात्रि प्रार्थना



Daily Self Healing

दैनिक स्वयं उपचार ध्यान

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||प्राणशक्ति आत्म उपचार||

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Sqn Ldr Ashutosh Bahuguna

Reiki Grand Master

 Founder, PranaShakti Atma Upchaar