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What’s In a Happy Mind ?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

In the year 1997, I was flying Mi-17 helicopters at an ‘Advanced Landing Ground’ at Along in Arunachal Pradesh. Indian Air Force helicopters were task with food & essential supply ‘Air Dropping’ to some remote hilly villages; as well as transportation of people & goods, wherever landing was possible. It was a bad weather day. Crew & passengers were waiting for the clouding to reduce for a possible sortie. Weather trends of the serene lush green valley made us predict that weather would be the same till mid-day. Seated under the make-shift ‘Gahzibo’ made from a used parachute, I found a book on the center table, while seeking some activity to engage myself. The Book was on ‘Yoga’. It was certainly an area of interest. I had seen my father practicing ‘Yoagsanas’ daily, for the past 20 years. We had been taught Yogasana and Meditation as cadets during our Air Force Training. The book belonged to a passenger from ‘Ramakrishna Mission’ and was placed on the table to avoid wetting. I sprung out of my chair, looked out for the person and took his permission to read the book, which he smilingly granted.

Reading a portion of the book from ‘Swami Vivekananda Trust’ that day changed my concept of a ‘Happy Mind’ forever. I still utilize the concept to consciously improve my meditation, conscious awareness of situations as well as consciousness ascension practices.

There was an questioned asked –

What goes on in your mind when you see a beautiful scene which you appreciate & feel happy seeing it?

What are the thoughts associated with the moment of appreciation causing the emotion of happiness? A sunset for example. 

When you feel happy looking at a sunset; practically there is no other thought in your mind. The intense focus of the scene being viewed filters and reduces all other  sensory inputs as well as thoughts for brief moments. The mind is so focused that it is filled only with intricacies of the sunset  & consequent appreciation leading to a ‘happy feeling’. In fact there are moments where the mind goes blank and there are no thoughts in the mind. It is thus expected that prolonged blank state of mind leads to blissful ecstasy which will be logically akin to deeper and pronged emotion of happiness.

Meditation practices of the yester years or modern times, all aim at extended blanking of mind for an experiential bliss.  Energetically, cluttered thoughts in mind reduce the vibrational connect and energy flow through the energy body. Reduced thoughts in the ‘Happy Mind’ paves way for an abundant flow of etheric energy (प्राण संचार), rejuvenating etheric body also. The reverse happens when etheric energy is directly worked upon with help of mediation or energy healing. Good flow in the energy body takes care that the mind is not cluttered with thoughts thus ensuring overall well-being. Intuitive guidance and ‘mind power’ also increases in meditative states clearly indicating consciousness ascension. Intuitive guidance has no fixed formats, thought process and synchronicity of events, it can be received in any way, through any medium.

‘Mind Care’ & ‘Taking care of energy flow in eitheric body’ are interconnected. Working on either will result in benifit of both. Either path certainly lays the foundation to overall  wellness.Here is a an awesome clip of an educational animation film ‘Spiritual Reality’ which gives a brief insight to etheric energy body flow with thoughts and meditation. The clip also serves as an excellent tool for ‘Creative Visualization’ during energy healing.

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