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Simple Suggestions for Quitting Addictions ( a Healthy Living )

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Please realize, the treatments create a conducive environment, it is ultimately you who will resolve the issue. YOU ARE A POWERFUL SOUL. The mind may not be able to realize so, but YOU ARE.. Try these simple things – it will at least clear your mind to find a solution.

1. Change the words used : Words used in speaking or writing are a reflection of million thoughts in the mind, before they are communicated. Often, at times of stress they are a reflection of deeper layers of subconscious, which is the actual reason of the issue. Eliminate negative words and sentences in regular use. Use words like – issue for problem – ‘Could have been better’ for bad – ‘It can be done another way’ for ‘It cannot be done’

2. Change of focus – If focus is on Quitting alcohol, it is still on alcohol and the quitting may be omitted. FOCUS ON A BALANCED, HEALTHY LIFE. Avoid getting word alcohol to your mind as often as you can. If you focus on healthy life, you will find ways to achieve it. Stop thinking you have to quite alcohol, think you have to live a healthy life.

3. Forgive yourself. Forget what you have been. Everyday is anew you and you can create awesomeness for yourself. Get up every morning and say thank you and forgive yourself first and start your day. Make a resolve to end whatever you asked forgiveness for. in a few days you will yourself start feeling the change.

4. Stop looking for solutions and things that have to be managed for improving. you cannot manage time, activities or routine. Only thing you can manage it yourself. The treatments will just create an environment for you to manage yourself, you can create that on your own, once you realize you have it in you.

5. Put it up on your bathroom mirror, ceiling of bed and behind the front door

” Thank You … I am so grateful for this perpetual happiness. I am an empowered soul that leads a very healthy and balanced life. Everyday in Every Way – I am getting ‘Better and Better’. Everything is Awesome. Thank You It is done. Thank You It is Done. Thank You, It is done.” Read it when you can or just glance at it whenever you pass by ( in any state 😀 ) ..just look at it whenever you can.

All this may seem trivial – following this is a long term change and will surely help in some way or other.

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