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Explore energy within !

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

The presence of energy in every object, living or non-living has been studied by the ancient as well as the modern sciences. In Einstein’s formula E=MC^2, we acknowledge the presence of energy in every mass and the inter-portability of  mass and energy. Bob Proctor has always  explained that if we subject our body to a microscopic examination, we will see space, occupied by energy moving at such a fast pace, that it seems solid and impenetrable. Effectively we are also energy.

In ancient traditions, energy residing in all objects has been given different names such as Pran, Chi or Qi. All refer to the same cosmic energy. This omnipresent energy is an aggregate of all vibrations of the universe, be it sound, light, heat cold, electricity magnetism, our emotions, our thoughts, objects, atomic energy; practically everything. We are practically a mini cosmos, in unison with the larger cosmos, interconnected to each other – making up the cosmic energy and the physical state of cosmos as we see it with our five senses and perceptions of  our logical mind.

The methods of controlling cosmic energy in meditative state for the benefit of human race has been practiced in the Yogic, Kabbalah, Chinese and Japanese systems. The ‘super-natural’ phenomenon like ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ or ‘Astral Travel’ developed through meditation are still a mystery to the modern scientific systems. Meditation ultimately gives the power to an individual to connect to the cosmic energy and regulate the flow of this energy in one’s own system, to go beyond the limits of what we normally experience in our daily lives.

The YouTube video below shows the cosmic energy control by a healer, who has mastered his energy control potential through meditation. He uses this cosmic energy control, for healing the people who approach him for healing . He prefers remaining away from limelight refraining from any kind of publicity. He however acknowledges that every human has an unlimited potential hidden inside her/him & should be made aware of how to use it for the good of the world we live in.  

Thank You !   |  Sqn Ldr ( Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna  |  Bliss Cosmic Healing © 2014 |

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