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Chakra Fun Learn

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We are surrounded by a Bio Energy field called Aura. This energy field is beyond average sensory capability

of our five senses. However, we can train ourselves to see, feel and scan Aura. Ancient civilizations considered physical bodies as minor component of a person; Auric field being the more significant one.  Auric field is found around all objects, whether living or not.  Health of Aura is dependent on all facets of the object it surrounds. In humans it is governed b

y physical fitness, heath, emotional state, thoughts, finances, relationships, physical objects in vicinity, effect of what one does, effect of what others think of the person etc. – practically everything. Aura is supposed to be energy connection of the object or individual to the greater & omnipresent cosmic energy.

Indian Yogic sciences of Vedic vintage had deeply studied etheric field and determined significance of energy centres in the Auric field, which they named Chakras ( meaning disc or wheel in Sanskrit).

Here is a short ten minutes clip from a cartoon film that explains quite a bit about Chakras. As the cartoon clip plays, you can try to make a mind-map of how you can use this valuable knowledge for your own wellness over a period of time. Please remember that every small step towards wellness is taken after a wise realization & a decision to steadfastly tread on the intended path.

Thank You !   |   Sqn Ldr Ashutosh Bahuguna   |  #BetterAll |

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