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Awareness of ‘MIND’ PERCEIVES the ‘BRAIN’ … and everything else ! EXPA

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Does the Brain Make the Mind? or Does the Mind make the Brain ? This is like answering the question “What came first; the chicken or the egg ?” In the two choices – there are infinite possibilities! 

It is the Mind that perceives the Brain !

The mind is capable of limitless awareness, supported by the organ called brain.

Mind is faster than the speed of light. Think of a star 100 light years away. If you have, congratulations on reaching a place in a moment, which the light will take 100 years to reach.

Now think of an electron; now a whole Milky Way galaxy. The awareness can take the smallest to the largest space.

Space and time are only few dimensions of reality we perceive. More we let the mind grow; more will be discovered.

Realizing the difference between brain and mind might seem very insignificant; however, it plays a very important role is the expansion of awareness.  

Awareness is like the light source which helps us see all around. Light a torch in the dark, a small patch is visible, light a bulb, a bigger area is visible, let the sun come up, the vision is limited by the sensory perception. Like the expansion of light source helps one see more and more, increase in awareness helps in consciousness enhancement and self-realization of the potential all have.

The choice of exploring unlimited potential of mind is certainly a progressive one.  Choosing to increasing awareness by removing the limits of logical mind is certainly a boost to mind exploration. There is always a possibility beyond the logical limit. We may call this faith, intuition, imagination …name does not matter; accepting it does.  We live in a logical world and the importance of logical mind cannot be undermined. It is with logic that we comprehend the infinite possibilities of imagination. However, it is the imagination and believing in a possibility beyond logic that will make the mind grow.

All ancient wisdom civilizations lay emphasis on the mind, rather than the organ ‘Brain’. It is simply because the access to ‘mind change’ which can influence the working of brain, is available to everyone without even realizing where the sensory inputs are getting stored a processed. In the modern day efforts, medical science tries to map the working of brain to the mind; yet is far from explaining phenomenon like dreams, lucid dreaming, sudden enhancement of awareness in deep meditation and hypnosis to name a few. Anything which cannot be explained is called a psychic phenomenon or ESP (Extra sensory Perception). In routine life, our aim is to increase or awareness and harnesses this potential for making everything ‘better and better’. It is certainly possible. Some of the names given to the unlimited potential of mind are id, unconscious mind, sub-conscious mind and super conscious mind. Nomenclature of reality and consciousness will not alter the nature of existence. The fiber of existence is the experiencing bliss in every moment. It may seem absurd, but this is the ultimate outcome of what each one desires! Choose to train the mind so, it will be yours!

The complex nature of reality will remain so and a possibility beyond logic will always be there.  The potential of mind is limitless; it will always surface in some form or other. Mere realization of the reality of mind existing everywhere, even outside the brain, expands the awareness !

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