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Amazing Healing Power of Sound & Music

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

” I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel

Healing properties of sound, especially music have been used by mankind since it’s very existence. Soothing, calm & musical natural sounds of flowing water, wind, rain, sea etc . can take one into a blissful state of ecstasy.  Energy of sound vibrations is instantly transmitted to physical body as well as the aura thereby effecting a potent healing.

Physical cleaning Power of Sound

Commercial manufacturing sector harnesses cleaning power of sound energy for physical cleaning of objects using Ultrasonic sound waves inside water. Domestic ultrasound cleaners are available in handy sizes. Innovative application of this cleaning power has can be seen in the unique ultrasound bath for humans, also called the human washing machine. Beauty spas use ultrasonic facial machines for absorption of  gels into the skin.

Mythological Instance of Sound Utility & Healing

Mythological mentions of sound waves as potentially useful energy are there in all ancient civilizations. In the Indian Mythology, Ravan had used veena music to transport gold for construction of a place on Mount Kailash, for lord Shiva. Many instances of music healing people are there in Indian Mythology.  One such instance was healing of Lohitang ( Planet Mars in Astrology). Andhak, elder brother of ‘Lohitang’, had mislead him against Mahadev (Shiva), by negative sub-conscious conditioning during upbringing. Lohitang made several unsuccessful attempts to overpower Mahadev. Ultimately he decided to use a combination of ‘power of music’ and ‘destructive dance of Mahadev (Tandav)’ as weapons. He was himself healed and relieved of all negative energies, emotions and thoughts when he was exposed to music.

Some Chinese and Yogic Practices of Healing Sounds

Six Healing Sounds or Liu Zi Jue (六字訣) concept is one of the common forms in Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese energy therapy. The concept involves coordination of movement and breathing patterns with specific sounds.

Pranayaam practices like ‘Ujayee Breathing’ rely on creation of sound in execution to generate healing energy. Along with other benefits, Ujayee Pranayaam is well known to help in healing the very common issues of thyroid gland. Bell vibrations are an integral part of healing mediation music in the Hindu and Buddhist practices. Vedic Mantras are known to have tremendous healing powers. A number of successful experiments of accelerated healing using Gayatri mantra have been successfully conducted. Chakra meditations using beej-matra is an excellent way of keeping Chakras and Aura healthy.

Bells in Temples, Churches, Other Religious/Spiritual Institutions & Wind Chimes

Sound of bells is known to purify the aura of a person and any negative energy traces occurring in a place. Sounding the bell at entry purifies the aura of a person entering the religious/spiritual buildings. This ensures a safe entry to the ones following as well as high energy in the whole complex. Wind chimes used in Chinese traditions have a similar effect and ensure high energy wherever they are placed. Feng Shui and Vaastu experts often recommend placing a wind chime for increasing energy, when required.

Crystal Bowl & Singing Bowl Therapy

Music and Resonating Vibrations are the key ingredients of crystal bowl therapy. It is conducted in person, as well as in large groups. Crystal bowl produce soothing resonating sounds which instantly relax listeners. Similar therapy of singing bowl sounds, generated from brass bowls is widely used in India and Tibet. These are wonderful therapies for cleaning  aura,  re-alignment of Chakras & ultimately – a ‘sound’ healing.

Emoto Water Project Evidence of Healing Power of Music

Emoto water project tested the effect of music on water. Soothing classical music turned the water into a beautiful crystalline structure while contemporary & heavy metal distorted the crystalline structure of water. Our physical bodies contain almost 70% water. Effect will certainly be similar on human beings.

Left Pane Shows effect Classic Music.

Right pane – effect of Heavy metal & Popular Japanese music for young.

Note : From kids version of The Messages from Water. Pdf download available on Emoto water project website.

Modern Methods

Healing methodologies using modern technology involve techniques like brainwave entertainment, binaural beats at a very low frequency, praliminals for relaxation and conditioning, use of sounds in hypnosis etc. All efforts are towards synthesizing healing sounds with embedded vibrations to make the brain behave in a specific manner.  YouTube and many other sites provide easy access to these modern mind control methodologies. If you are keen, try using “Gnaural”, an easy to use (open source) computer application for generating Binaural Beats audio, useful for aided meditation and healing. Tutorials are hosted on YouTube.

Sound Self-Healing on Daily Basis

  1. Try to create as soothing sounds as possible while talking. Ensure the same in all other basic activities. Encourage self & others to maintain a sound environment with more laughter & sounds of positive emotions.

  2. Listen to soothing music for a gainful positive effect. Classical music, soft instrumentals and mediation music are good for raising energy levels.

  3. Practice chanting of spiritual nature – it elevates energy levels.

  4. Use energy instruments like bells, chimes and blowing conch.

  5. Spend time with nature and make all efforts to listen to the soothing natural sounds.

  6. Spend five to ten minutes without creating a sound i.e. being deliberately quiet, every day. Close your eyes and listen to the music of your breath & any other internal activity, if you can perceive it. This will take you to meditative states and help you focus on the ‘present moment’ while performing daily tasks.

  7. Operate machinery like cars, grinders etc smoothly. Stressful & jerking noises eg. stress-fully roaring engines on abrupt accelerations should be avoided.

  8. Avoid shrieking sounds created by activities like dragging of furniture, banging of doors, creaking  of hinges, throwing any article etc. – these are sources of negative energy.

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