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7 Simple Rules for Effective Affirmations

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

There are a number of affirmations available in text, audio and video formats on the internet. You can choose to use the readily available ones  or  you can make your own custom-suited affirmations, using simple rules. Goal cards for manifestations will also elicit the same. In the process of comprehending the basics, you may realize why and how affirmations work. The affirmations work best when repeated over a number of times by writing, reading, listening or visualizing. Goal cards and audio clips of affirmations are oriented towards easy access and repetition.Energy healing resources may also be used to make suitable catalytic changes towards achievement. Ultimate goal of affirmations is to influence the subconscious mind which hold the ‘controlling beliefs’ that makes one think, act and behave in the way they do.

Actions (karma) for getting to the goal are irreplaceable for achievements. The mind changes  with affirmations ultimately drive one towards thinking & acting in appropriate manner for achievement of any kind; be it healing, relationships management, goal manifestations, abundance, prosperity, success or inner-peace.

Changing self  first, helps in quicker achievements. This is exactly what affirmations achieve.

Affirmation Rule – I

Make  it Emotional. Evoke Strong Emotions. Use words that convey feelings of  Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude to keep it in highest energy state.

   – I am So ‘Happy’ and ‘Grateful’ NOW that ..

   – I am so elated with

   – I am thrilled, excited  to the core

   – I love my life and I am so excited Now that ..

Note: Every time the affirmation is repeated, immerse yourself in emotional experiences, as if you are in at that moment.

Affirmation Rule – II

Phrase it to convey that the goal has already been achieved. Everything should to be in present tense, as if already accomplished. Practice of including the words  “ ‘NOW’ that”  in the affirmation is directed to make logical mind infer that  the goal has already been accomplished. ‘It is done’ is also included for the same purpose. Repetitions, visualizations, high focus & auric changes will impress this onto the sub-conscious mind over a period of time.

   – I am well.

   – I am prosperous.    – I am happy.    – I am healthy.    – My relationship with ‘xyzee’  is very good and nurturing.

Affirmation Rule – III

Use positive phrases only. The word ‘No’ , ‘Not’ or any other word having negative connotation should ‘not’ figure in the affirmation.

Example – If you want to express that you do not have fever  – “ I am in  perfect health, physically & medically fit,  better & better every moment.” Keep repeating  in your  mind till recovery.

Affirmation Rule – IV

Be precise on what you want. Define everything to the last detail like a computer programming code. If you want to buy a car, define the model, colour, type of engine,  etc, everything which will remove the variable choices and make it precise.

For certain unquantifiable entities, be as precise as you can be. Example – My desires are balanced and aligned to divine will etc.

Affirmation Rule – V

Use an intuitive guidance (what comes to your mind) to decide the time frame when the  goal can be accomplished. This is the only entity that will be in future reference in the affirmation.

Affirmation Rule – VI

Do not mix up too many things at once. Follow one step at a time. If you want to be slimmer, financially stronger and improve your public speaking abilities too, decide your order of priority and work on  them one by one for best results. Trying to cook a mixed soup may not work out as good. If you decide  to work on them together, try using separate affirmations.

Affirmation Rule – VII

Make affirmation mythology aesthetic, creative and  appealing.  You should feel happy when you look at the written affirmation.It should be as attractive and beautiful as you can  make it. If you are recording it for repeated listening, make it melodious, filled with expressive modulation and good background music if possible. If you are using it with a visualization board, make it so appealing that you feel like looking at it again and again.

Use any symbols or representation that bring positive energy to the affirmation. It may be a picture, symbol, a pictographic representation or phrase  drawing  the kind of energy required for achieving the goal of affirmation. Example – A Heart for Love, a Swastika for Money, Picture of meditating monk for peace etc.

Infusing creativity will focus your mind onto the result better & better,  instilling faster refinements in your mental faculty.

Example of a Financial Prosperity Affirmation

“I am so happy, elated, thrilled & grateful NOW that  I possess money worth USD 400 Billion Dollars, own (151 residential & 501 commercial) properties in 44 countries & own 151 successfully profitable businesses in 125 countries by 13 January 2020. Everything is always Better & Better, Everyday.

Thank You ! Thank You!  Thank You!

It is Done ! It is Done ! It is Done !”

Note :

– ‘Better & Better’ is a phrase used orginally by Émile Coué which was , later adapted by Jose Silva in Silva Mind Control Method, for defining continuous improvement. It is such a simple phrase which fits into any situation with perfection. Many other self-help systems have also adapted the simple & effective way of conscious suggestion for life improvement.

– ‘Thank You’ in affirmation is infusing more gratitude.

– ‘It is done’ is a phrase for subconscious conditioning that send a message to the mind that the goal has been accomplished.

– Repeating thrice is for Emphasizing on the aspect.

Example of Perpetual Money Affirmations By Bob Proctor

“I am so Happy and Grateful  Now that Money keeps coming to me from Multiple Sources, in Increasing Quantities on a Continuous Basis.”

‘I am’ are two powerful words that define you and the divine within you. Dr Wayne Dyer advises everyone to use these words very carefully. These words are mentioned in the Old testament and the name of god ‘I am That I am’ as well as a very powerful vedic mantra for breathing meditation ‘ So Hum’..

Golden Rule : Be mindful of whatever you think, affirm or say after you say ‘I am’

  Every Day,  in Every Way  ‘I am’ getting ‘Better & Better’   Eternal Conscious Auto-suggestion by Emile Coue Simple  affirmation Combo for a Better & Better now & future   I am So Happy and Grateful NOW That,   Every Day, In Every Way,  ‘I AM’   Better & Better 

 I am always blissful & one with the creator. I am enough.    I am  Healed, Protected & Guided by All Powers at all times for better & better.   Thank You! It is Done. Thank You! It is Done. Thank You! It is Done. 

Thank You

Ashutosh Bahuguna

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