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3 Reasons for a Veg Diet (Aura Energy Related)

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

To Be or Not to Be … Non-Vegetarian is a Personal Choice !

I have rarely seen a vegetarian turn non-vegetarian. However, the instances of non-vegetarians turning vegetarians isn’t unheard of. With aging or ailment, quite a few adapt to vegetarian diet for a healthier living. Take a moment to ponder & you will surely recall similar occurrences around you.

Human metabolic system best adapts to fruits & nuts. This was the naturally abundant and easily accessible food around us. We have the capability to adapt to other foods; but not as efficiently. Non-vegetarian food is relatively difficult to consume and digest. It is known to be less suitable for the metabolism and may induce negative emotions & behavior.Here are three reasons for a vegetarian diet preference.

# 1 : Negative Energy  in Non-Vegetarian Food Content – Animals slaughtered for the meat, killed or cooked alive undergo tremendous trauma. Negative energy created in the act accompanies non-vegetarian food. Negative emotions of humans feeling traumatic while executing animal slaughter or meat processing will also be carried by the food. This negative energy may not be visible to the naked eye but is surely transferred to the person who eats the food. Most of the people will not be able to eat their food if they were asked to slaughter the animal, fish or bird and prepare the meat for cooking. Sub-consciously all of us are aware of this trauma & our mind will will suffer from a negative emotional state , without you consciously knowing it. Non-vegetarians develop the sub-conscious acceptance of the diet by repeated observation of the people around them during their childhood.  As the logical thinking of the child develops, awareness of  trauma & negative energy associated with  non-vegetarian food dawns. Consequentially, an internal conflict over acceptance of non-vegetarian food arises every time it is consumed. The existing controlling belief, which is a result of sub-conscious mind conditioning  finally resolves the internal conflict, resulting in dietary preference.  Whatever the diet preference, there will certainly be an unrealized internal conflict within the mind of the person every time non-vegetarian food is consumed. Baggage of negative energy from all sources, accompanied by non-vegetarian food will certainly affect the person consuming it, in some way or the other.

# 2 : Etheric Energy Distortion because of  Animal Cells Memory – Mitochondria is the biological  energy device at cellular level. Medical science is unable to explain the variation in colour of mitochondria in different situations in similar cellular structure. There is a great possibility that the colour varies with the etheric energy state of the body. This information stored at cellular level would thus accumulate each & every information about the living being. This would be similar to the aura energy patterns because of six major reasons – physcial, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic & Karmic (present or past life). Information stored down till cellular level accompanied with this non-vegetarian diet will certainly cause  random blockages & erratic energy patterns in the aura of the person consuming it.

# 3 : Abundant Life Force in Raw Vegetarian Food –  Life force energy which we also call ‘Pran’ or ‘Chi’ is nourished by ‘Prana’ in other forms. The best nutrition according to the ancient energy sciences is the food which has ‘Prana’ to nourish ‘Prana’ of the person consuming it . ‘Prana’ or healthy etheric nourishment is abundantly available in the raw vegetarian food since the cells of the diet are still alive. Etheric energy in vegetarian fruit is very high & positive as compared to the non-vegetarian food. We are earthly beings & require abundant earthly energy to keep us in a healthy energy state for a balanced life. This would be best available from raw roots, fruits, vegetables & all other forms of plant food, directly off-springing from the earth; thus containing abundant earthly energy. Fruit is the ‘Culmination’ or the ultimate product of a plant or tree. In Sanskrit it is call ‘Fal’ (फल) which means ‘Final Product’. Fruits and seeds carry ‘Life Force’ for the birth of the new seedling, even after being detached & dehydrated. Abundance of Parna is thus transferred on consumption of Raw Fruits & Dry Fruits. Higher energy content & increased benefits of cereals by sprouting can be understood similarly. Cooking & Processing of vegetarian food depletes the  ‘Prana’  which can be clearly assessed by reduced Aura of  cooked food. 

Quick Tips for Increasing Food Energy

  1. Consume fresh & healthy food. Store food in a healthy environment.

  2. Subject food to high positive energy by thanking food & praising food for what it is doing for you.

  3. Whenever possible, wash raw food in running tap water for at least 30 seconds to remove any accumulated negative energy. Visualize the negative energy being removed while washing food items.

  4. Immerse vegetables in salt water for 20 minutes and wash them for physical & energy decontamination.

  5. Cheerfully happy mood while cooking & consuming will infuse positive energy into food. Subject the food the high positive energy by maintaining positive emotions when in physical or mental vicinity of food. Avoid negative words or emotions, when referring to food.

  6. Covering  food with Pyramid before consumption or while storing will certainly increase positive energy.

  7. Playing soothing music in the kitchen, dinning & storage area will increase energy of food.

  8. Reiki healing can be very effectively used for increasing energy of  your food & water.

    1. Purify food from negative energy  & charge it with positive energy using symbols or simple healing.

    2. Purify & energize water, tea coffee etc whenever consumed.

    3. Use symbols to protect food from any negative energy while it is stored.

    4. Combine Reiki healing with other energy instruments like  Pyramids, Crystals, Crystal Grids, Healing Dowsers, Energy Lamps etc for effectively maintaining high energy of food being consumed.

Being Veg is a Choice. Non -Vegetarians are equally Good Human Beings 🙂 !

Thank You !   |   Sqn Ldr ( Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna    |    Bliss Cosmic Healing © 2014    |

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