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10 Reasons : Why Practice Reiki Healing for Wellness !

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Energy Healing is the foundation of Reiki Healing Wellness practices re-discovered by Br Mikao Usui. Although this methodology was formulated in Japan in early twentieth century, similar methods of healing have been reported all over the world since thousands of years. Abraham, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, many priests at religious shrines,  sages in India, faith healers in Philippines, Kahunas of Hawaii and native American Indians have practiced similar healing methodologies involving healing intentions and meditative states.

Reiki healing uses the naturally abundant resources of mind power to change the Aura associated with all objects and living beings. The changes are the Aura slowly change the various aspects associated with whatever is being healed. The procedures of reiki have been developed to enable every practitioner to do the same. It is like “Energy Healing for Dummies”. Even if one just follows what is told in a checklist fashion, incredible results are achieved. Technically Every person already heals by reiki. Energy elevation for Initiation Attunement, the 21 day self-healing before healing others and formal knowledge amplifies the healing that might already be taking place, unknowingly. All religions, countries, age groups, both sexes – All can practice Reiki and other energy healing practices. It will surely benefit everyone.

Here are 10  reasons why you should practice Reiki healing as an overall wellness practice.

1 – Anyone can Learn & Practice Easily : All people above 7 years of age or so can easily learn and practice Reiki healing. Reiki is based on spiritual principals that do not align to any religion or organization. The healing practice is foundation in natural resources and working principles which are taken for granted and ignored most of the time. First exposure in most workshops is experiences of seeing the Aura, Feeling the Aura and Measuring the Aura. This is done to bridge the gap between what has been taught in school and accepting more of what actually exists. Experiential learning is a catalyst in comprehending the healing practice. For those interesting in experiencing rather than understanding, the good news is that merely following laid down steps will also give excellent results Ample self-help Reiki Healing advice is available on internet. Please use it judiciously and do help fellow practitioners in turn.

2 – Attunement & 21 Days Self-Healing are Energy Boosters : Initiation into Reiki healing practice is with an Attunement by a Reiki Master. Aura, Chakras and Kundalini energy are worked upon for elevating the energy state of the practitioner. At times, minor ailments get healed in the Attunements Itself. Reiki Master may also perform ‘Healing Attunement’ for an intense healing before commencing a Reiki healing. Attunements are preferred in person. Practice of telepathic attunement is also prevalent

The 21 days of 24 Position self-healing is a power energy elevator. Combining the practice with other powerful one’s like forgiveness, affirmations, crystals, healing lamp & sub-conscious conditioning during the period improves the situation even further. Lifestyle health issues are resolved to a great extent, post initiation attunement & the 21 days healing practice.

3 – Calms The Mind : Reiki healing is a meditation based energy healing practice. Experiential learning makes practitioners realize that results of any activity improve with intense focus on current activity. Utilization of creative faculties like imagination to improve focus on current activity is subtly introduces in Reiki Healing. All such methods ultimately reduce the clutter of thoughts and calm the mind. Calming of mind improves energy flow in the Aura. Diligently following Reiki healing practice creates a sustainable interdependence of a good Aura and a powerful, calm mind.

4 – Emotional Positivity : Emotions emerge from deeper layers of mind which are not logically perceived, but do exist. Spontaneous triggering of emotions by external influences is commonly observed. This happens more often when the anchor of perceived satisfaction lies in the external environment. Reiki healing asserts on importance of changing self for better. The letting go of external anchors for emotional satisfaction and increased intrinsic improvement helps in maintaining a better emotional balance. Emotional breath work mediations are incorporated for releasing unrealized emotional stress. Studies like “Emoto Peace Project”, emphasizing on positive emotions and practices are a part of Reiki workshops.

Practical experiences of change in energy with emotion makes the practitioners strive for positive emotions. The five reiki principals guide Reiki Channels on path of positive emotions on a daily basis.

5 – Physical & Health Benefits: Sincere Reiki healing practice awakens a restful alertness of the physical body. Sensitivity to physical demands of the body improves. Better immunity is experienced with regular practice. Minor ailments reduce and even if they occur, the recovery is faster. Energy healing awareness can also be used for sudden boost physical potential in daily physical activities as well as sports.

6 – Energy Body Maintenance & Protection from Negative Energies: Reiki healing ensures a good Aura. Daily self-healing is imperative. Just 12 to 15 minutes of daily healing ensures a better life-sate. A strong Aura is the Amour against any negative psychic influences. Donna Eden calls Aura – ‘The Body’s Bodyguard’. Negative thoughts, intentions and rituals affect those with a weak Aura. A strong aura backed up by Five reiki principles and forgiveness practices, ensures protection against any negative psychic energy. With these practices Reiki channels protect themselves as well as others from negative energies.

Daily self-healing is a chakra based healing and ensures wellness in all areas of life. Chakra Seed Sound Mediation, Aura based Karmic Healing and Other advanced mediation based healing techniques for improving Aura are introduced with progress.

7- Power Packed Combo: Original practices of reiki healing are only 30% of the practice today. The system has undergone a continuous upgrade. Best practices from other healing systems have been subtly introduced into Reiki Healing. The new introductions vary from commonly methods like affirmations and creative visualization to lesser known ones like healing with dowsers, applied kinesiology, psychic surgery, subconscious conditioning and Law of attraction. A complete overview and in-depth knowledge helps practitioners develop a customized healing method. Original Reiki healing is now the Launchpad for newer practices like Karuna Reiki and Divine Fire Reiki.

8- Can be practiced with any other healing method: Reiki healing can be practiced alongside medical treatments for faster improvements. Controlling side effects from any medicine can also be worked upon. A lady who had earlier undergone cancer treatment had co-attended the Grand Masters Workshop at Reiki Healing Foundation. There were no visually discernable side effects of cancer treatment. On conclusion of workshop she had announced how reiki had helped her overcome the side effect of cancer treatment.

Yoga, Ayurved, Unani medication, Herbs, Home Remedies, Law of Attraction, Hypnotherapy, Sub Conscious Conditioning, NPL or any other wellness practice help synergistically with reiki Healing. Metaphysical hypnotherapy undertaken by healing with reiki in hypnotherapy sessions is quite effective. We have also experienced the boosted effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines with Reiki healing.

9- Psychic Power Realization and Development:Everyone is blessed with psychic powers. Various phenomenon labeled under ESP manifest in different ways. Improvement in Energy flow and meditative practices help in unleashing this powerful mind power. Being able to sense flow of the energy, perceive the energy in a place, seeing Aura and Energy, Sensing aches and pains of others to receiving institutive vision related to others – all have been experience by reiki Healers. The intuitive guidance to stay on the best path of action, or choose the best is often received by Reiki Healers. Reiki Healing helps in easy progress in practices like Dowsing and Crystal Ball Gazing. Even the slightest help from this latent mind power can make all ‘better and better’.

10- Self Empowerment & Self Reliance: Inner Awakening, Self-empowerment & Self-Reliance are the most important facets of reiki healing. All this can only be achieved when there is an acceptance of everything as it is, respect for everyone’s ideologies and choices, willingness to change self for improvements, and a passion to contribute to this world to make all ‘better and better’. The awakening to compassionately help others in their journey of life is the icing on the cake. Reiki healing empowers channels to heal people, other livings beings, situations, in animate objects, events – practically his whole cosmos. It is a wonderful contribution to this existence. Reiki healing further empowers Reiki Masters to spread this wonderful practice to the whole world.

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