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10 Awesome Ways of Life Enhancement – especially for Reiki Beginners

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Namaste to You!

Your Reiki practice must be going on in an awesome way.

Regularity of your self-healing /21 days practice of 24 parts self-healing must be keeping you in high energy. Keeping your own energy high keeps unfolding the path to better wellness as we keep progressing. Practice, Faith & Knowledge enhancement; as given in the Buddhist texts are three pillars to progress. These hold good for Reiki Practice too.

For the initial 21 days, the self-healing will take care of energy elevation. More you practice after that, more your energy will be elevated. Keep your aura energized and spread out as far as possible. Please do remember that channeling energy keeps clearing any blockages in the channel’s own energy body also.

Tips & Gentle Reminders for Daily Practice.

1. Daily self-healing ensures a maintenance of our own energy levels. Remind yourself of the five Reiki principles every day. Visualize your thoughts and actions when you recall these principles. Practice 24 parts self-healing at least once in a month after the initial practice of 21 consecutive days. Practice meditation of any type whenever possible.

2. Use the language, emotions & feeling attached to Gratitude, Love, Joy and Peace . Appreciate the beauty of the energy and lovey creations in this world. Be vocal about appreciation and love to all.

3. Have the first glass of water energized with good intentions everyday. (According to Ayurveda principles do not spit out the saliva accumulated overnight – let it go into your body with the water). Purify and Charge whatever you and your family eats or drinks, as a habit.

4. Energize the environment you live in. Your house, family, relationships, lifestyle – everything. A suggested method would be a 5 minutes daily meditation after self-healing; visualising your whole family and all energies connected to you ( may be a symbolic visualisation of energy ball beside you) for removing all blockages and negative energies, balancing the energies, charging for healing/protection & seeking life guidance from Reiki ( or any other name you may want to call it by i.e. God, Cosmic Energy, Supernatural Powers etc).

5. Be positive – especially when you feel things are not as good. Everything will be better & better with a positive approach. Visualize positive outcomes of events, even if your logical mind tries to deny it. Logically you choose to have a positive thought. Positive thoughts embed in your subconscious mind with high focus & repetitions. Once your subconscious is conditioned, the controlling belief in your subconscious mind will dictate your thoughts and actions. It will make you perform the actions leading to a better life state. Practice it more often-it will become a second nature to attract positive outcomes.

6. Practice Forgiveness more often. Make the change in yourself first, before expecting it from others or energies other than you. Read forgiveness prayers for yourself and others when possible. Situations, where there could have been more time at hand, can be healed by using these four lines – I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I Love you. Forgiving and forgetting ensures detachment of negative chords and karmic bondage.

7. Spend 10 minutes or so in silence daily focusing on your own body and mind – starting from your breath inwards into your mind. You connection to all energies & intuitive abilities will keep improving.

8. Use the dowsing, observe your own aura of hand to check your own energy flow and aura levels.

9. Be a seeker of knowledge in energy, healing and spirituality – it will keep opening new gates for your own internal transformation. Respect all knowledge & use as many energy healing methods/instruments in combos – they work awesome! Try to keep it simple.

10. Serve others by healing as often as you can. Please do ensure an energy exchange in any form from the receiver. You will enable the receiver to express gratitude for the healing. Heal the earth and Cosmos on a daily basis as a gesture of gratitude.

With practice, more & more clarity will develop on its own.

Thank you. Have an Awesome Life – Always ! 

Thank You !   |   Sqn Ldr ( Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna    |    Bliss Cosmic Healing © 2015    |

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