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Reiki Level 2

Duration (Breaks Included)

1 Day, 7 to 8 Hours .

Offline Workshop Fee

₹ 3500/-

Zoom Workshop Fees

₹ 2500/-

Self Learning

₹ 1500/-

Your Guide

Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Workshop Content

▷ What are Healing Symbols.
▷ How Healing Symbols Work.
▷ Three Reiki Healing Symbols, Cho-Ku-Rei, Se-Hei-Ki, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen
▷ Practice of Symbols. Rapid visualization learning is aided by YouTube video with animations of new symbols. This is special compilation made available only to Reiki Level 2 Channels of #BetterAll.
▷ Process of using Reiki Symbols.
▷ Functions of each symbol.
▷ Creative Visualization and interesting ways of using Symbols.
▷ Healing formula and standard procedure for use of symbols.
▷ Methods of Distance Healing.
▷ More on Affirmations.
▷ How to make a Wish box. How to do many healings together in Wish Box.
▷ Healing Instruments insight to Healing Lamp, Crystals, Wands etc.

Certificates and Learning Material is provided to all participants.
➣ Handbooks and audio-video aids are provided for easy adaptation to the practice.
➣ PDF format documents will be provided in Zoom Workshops and Self-Learning.
➣ 6 Private videos will be shared on YouTube for better comprehension and practice. Private videos are shared with Offline workshop participants also.

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