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Duration (Breaks Included)

1 Day : 7 to Eight Hours.

Offline Workshop Fee

₹ 5100/-

Zoom Workshop Fees

₹ 3500/-

Self Learning

Not Available

Your Guide

Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Workshop Content

▷ What is Dowsing
▷ Various instruments used in dowsing.
▷ Using the dowsing pendulum.
▷ Using motions of the pendulum for dowsing.
▷ Charts for Dowsing, How to Make your own charts.
▷ Checking state of energy with pendulum.
▷ Healing with a pendulum.
▷ Using the Bobber for sensitive dowsing.
▷ Using L Rods.
▷ Measuring Aura with L Rods.
▷ Finding object with L Rods.
▷ Using Dowsing in daily activities.

Certificates are provided to all participants.
➣ A set of Dowsing Charts is Provided to participants for practice.
➣ Instruments required for the workshop are to be procured by the participants. The instruments i.e. pendulum, bobber and L-Rods are made available on purchase request.
➣ Participants are encouraged to read Dowsing for Beginners by Richard Webster for a deeper comprehension.

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