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Reiki Healing, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, PranaShakti Atma Upchaar, Meditation, Hypnosis, Spiritual Practices, Subconscious Mind & More.

Our Team


Mrs Neerja Bahuguna

Reiki Grand Master (Since 2013)


Crystal Healer

Sound Healer

Mediation Practitioner

Aroma Therapist

Dowsing Practitioner


Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna

Reiki Grand Master (Since 2013)

Founder PranaShakti Atma Upchaar

Sound Healer

Dowsing Practitioner

Crystal Therapist

Hypnosis Practitioner

EFT / Tapping Practitioner

Meditation Practitioner

Enabling  Self Empowerment with Simplicity

#BetterAll is a place to learn set of simple, practical and adaptable self-improvement methodologies. Overall wellness, improved situational awareness and harnessing latent mind power in all situations are the key objectives of these easy and effective tools This effort of teaching simple practices and tools to make all better and better has been curated by  Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna. Neerja Bahuguna has been adding to the efforts with her expertise of Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystals, Cosmetology and Aromatherapy. Anyone can easily learn and practice these methods. Blend of ancient practices with modern environment is a part of the experiential learning. Simple techniques of prayers, meditations, energy healing, reiki, yogic methods and spiritual practices form the foundation of teachings at #BetterAll

Ashutosh is an ex-military Helicopter Pilot of the Indian Air Force. He is an alumnus of National Defence Academy, Air Force Academy, ICFAI and Management Development Institute. He piloted military helicopters for 13 years in Indian Air Force and United Nations before taking on corporate roles.

Foundation of Energy Healing lay in the hereditary Vedic traditions followed by the family. Childhood spiritual guidance from mother and deeper knowledge from pandits performing Vedic rituals at home, set him on a spiritual path. Yoga was learnt playfully from his father at an early age. He has further pursued yogic practices, pranayama, meditation methodologies, mind power enhancement techniques & energy healing methods through military training, formal instructional workshops and self-help educational material over last 25 years.

In 2008, a combination of these methods and practical application of subconscious conditioning helped him in overcoming a medically incurable issue of Sarcoidosis. After personally benefiting from yogic methods, meditation and subconscious conditioning methodology both Neerja Bahuguna and Sqn Ldr (Retd) Ashutosh Bahuguna persued formal training in assortment of practices like Reiki, Energy Healing, Magnified Healing, Dowsing, Crystal Ball Gazing and Hypnotherapy in person from Dr Savita Sharma and Dr NK Sharma (Founders of Reiki Healing Foundation), before mentoring others. They have been teaching Reiki Healing and associated methodologies since 2013. They also practice and teach Tibetan bowls based Sound Healing. Neerja is also a cosmetologist and practices Aromatherapy along with beauty self care practices .

During the Coronavirus pandemic situation, #BetterAll commenced a free monthly online workshop for Reiki Level 1 through YouTube. This enables receivers to start a self healing practice to keep themselves in good energy. 


Directed towards the same efforts of contribution for well being, Prana Shakti Atma Upchaar was founded. It is a healing methodology based on the Indian practices of Energy Healing. Level 1 of Prana Shakti Atma Upchaar is also free . Those willing to make voluntary contributions may do so. The practice is being propagated through online resources as of now.

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